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------------------ PARASITOLOGY CHALLENGES -----------------------

CHALLENGES to the continuance in excellence of research and education abound during the coming years. The Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster in amajor one. The ecological disturbance in the coastal waters brings with it changes destructive and constructive to the on-going research and educational efforts in Parasitology.

Here are some of the destructive elements resulting from this major disaster:

Destruction of habitat, sites of long-term research projects in parasite ecology.
Diversion of energy and focus from on-going research to oil spill disaster evaluation and documentation.
Exacerbation of Hurricane Katrina-induced crowding from loss of buildings for storage and work areas.
Disruption in the lives of persons undergoing education and training in Marine Parasitology, and in lives of those providing education and training."

The discipline with which we disallow disruptive forces to corrupt efforts and excellence in the Parasitology field of Coastal Sciences will largely determine the overall effects of this major impediment as we go through the next half-dozen years at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory.

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