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13 November 2011 - LIST OF CHANGES

(1) Revised all pages to display correctly in Windows iExplorer 8.

(2) Corrected a number of omitted punctuation errors

(3) Resized Collecting Habitats images to 900X675 pixels

(4) Corrected an incorrectly formatted link on Haploporid Species List page

(5) resized NSF graphic image from 68px high to 72px high for prefect circle

(6) Recoded NSF graphic image as a hot link to "http://www.nsf.gov"

01 November 2011 - LIST OF CHANGES

(1) All pages annotated with date of most recent change.

(2) All pages modified to reflect continuity of style.

(3) Backgrounds and displayed images resized and replaced with new GIF images.

(4) Displayed pages revised for correct size and proportioning on Apple Mac computers.

(5) All descriptive material revised and brought into currency.

(6) Links to National Science Foundation site and display of BioGoMex parasite data established.

(7) Updated personnel images and new persons assigned to Parasitology lab.

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Change Date 13 November 2011


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