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EDUCATION is synonymous with "University", and as a satellite campus of USM, the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory fulfills its obligations to educate and guide. But education is primarily the acquisition of theory and fact. RESEARCH" extends the factual and theoretical to the practical world. At GCRL, the Parasitology Division of the Coastal Sciences Department applies theoryand fact, coupled with practical skill in chemistry, physiology, taxonomy, ecology, genetics and molecular biology to expand knowledge of our coastal and Gulf of Mexico biome. ENDOPARASITES', and 'ECTOPARASITES' are much like the "Miners' Canary"; the conditions under which these parasites live and prosper, or do not, offers great insight into the fluxes of life and ecology along the Gulf Coast.

Examples of recentand future educational offerings in Parasitology are :

Summer Courses in Marine Parasitology
Courses in Microbiology
Marine Invertebrate Biology, Parasitology

As important as the educational opportunities that create talented, dedicated research scientists, the results of research into parasite population ecology in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster revealed major changes, impacts to host and parasites alike, from oil and dispersants that flooded our coastal waters with toxic chemicals. Without the educational opportunities offered to practicing and aspirant parasitologists, and the research tools and specialized skills acquired in pursuit of research project goals, those impacts to the ecology of our coastal community life webs would go undetected and undocumented.
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