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01 November 2011 - Revisions conducted to the Parasitology Web Pages. Changes are highlighted by continuity of style throughout major divisions of the web presence, and major modifications to the NSF Research portion of the site.

26 October 2011 - Michael Andres just returned from a month-long investigation of parasites of fishes in the reef systems off the coasts of Texas and Louisiana.

11 September 2011 - DISTANCE AND DISTRIBUTION - Didelphis virginiana (American O'Possum) is a creature of limited individual foraging range, a fact that was illustrated by investigations of trematode loads of two road-killed animals. At locations separated by only 2.7 kilometers, the parasite loads and food preferences of the two animals showed large disparities. There is a lesson here for parasitologists; investigate the whole habitat, not just where specimens are easily obtained.

16 August 2011 - Dr. Steven Curran, in a casual collecting trip to a common local site, discovered a parasite, reported once in the history of parasitology investigations in the United States, of a common fish species ubiquitous in Gulf Coast fresh water habitats. In the collecting locality, neither the fish host nor the tremadote was rare; a large collection from fifty host specimens permitted a badly-needed rediscription of the digenean species.

June 2011 PASCAGOULA RIVER FLOODS CLOSE COLLECTING SITE - Spring floods have moved a huge raft of timber into Fish Lake, an oxbow abandoned channel of the ever-changing Pascagoula River. One hundred yards of tree trunks and other floating debris have blocked the access channel and interrupted on-going studies at this popular collecting site.

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