Where Does the Mississippi Gopher Frog Live?
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HABITAT: Habitat includes both upland, sandy habitats historically forested with longleaf pine and isolated, temporary wetland breeding sites imbedded within this forested landscape. The Mississippi gopher frog spends the majority of its life in or near underground refugia, and historically has used gopher tortoise burrows for this purpose. But the one remnant population occurs in an area that currently lacks gopher tortoises, although tortoises probably occurred in the area previously and do occur nearby. Refugia include abandoned mammal burrows and holes around old stumps.

RANGE: Formerly, the frog occurred in the Coastal Plain from Alabama to Mississippi and Louisiana, but it now exists in only three ponds in Mississippi: Glen's Pond, Mike's Pond (50 miles east of Glen's Pond), and McCoy's Pond (20 miles west of Glen's Pond). The populations in the latter two ponds are not known to be stable breeding populations.

Conservationist Donates 'Mikes Pond' Property To The Nature Conservancy 292 acres of habitat critical to the survival of the Mississippi gopher frog protected

VANCLEAVE, MS - December 4, 2007 - Thanks to a generous donor a property previously slated for development has been saved for the globally endangered Mississippi gopher frog. M.C. Davis, an entrepreneur, philanthropist and devoted conservationist from the Florida panhandle, purchased the property known as Mike’s Pond, to ensure that it could be managed for this species now on the brink of extinction. Davis, who has donated other tracts to The Nature Conservancy in the past, recently donated the property to The Nature Conservancy, which has been working with the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service and Davis to manage the site by conducting prescribed burns on the property.